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Nick League - Civil Engineer

Nick League is the owner and principal Engineer and Surveyor for League AAEAAQAAAAAAAALRAAAAJGRhM2YxYzZkLWNmYTktNDg1OS04NzY0LTUyNzZkZTc5YjYyNgEngineering and Surveying. He and his family are natives of the North Alabama area, and he has worked there most of his career. Nick is a graduate of the University of Alabama, and his career has taken him across North America working on a range of projects from small residential and commercial design to very large, multi-disciplined engineering and construction projects. His 19 years of experience helps him understand that there is more to a project than just a set of plans. His ability to look at a project from a multi-disciplined team approach enables him to help the customer reach their end goal – a quality product, completed on time and within budget.

Customer Focused

The engineering plans are a critical part of the transition between bare earth and the finished product. The level of service provided after plan approval can be a critical part in keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

We strive to provide the client with engineering drawings that clearly explain the design intent, as well as provide construction services to assist in getting things right. We also provide construction layout of buildings, curb and gutter, etc. to ensure that things get constructed where they’re planned.

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