Land Surveying


It All Starts Here...

Everything on your property begins with a survey.

We use modern equipment and technology to collect information on your property and accurate locate the necessary features.  That data is used to provide you with a final product that has had personal care and attention.

  • ALTA Survey – For commercial property or multiple family residential areas.
  • Boundary / Mortgage Surveys – From large tracts of land to small subdivision lots, we will survey your property and provide you with a final product that shows your boundaries and improvements.

  • Lot Survey – For loan closing or re-financing.
  • Topo Survey – Shows the elevations, improvements, and features of your property that allows us to properly design your site so that it drains and functions properly.

  • Flood / Elevation Certificate – If your home has been recently included or has always been in a flood zone, we can provide you with an elevation certificate and provide recommendations on options you may have.

  • Construction Survey – Construction layout / staking for roads, commercial and industrial facilities, utilities, homes, and just about any other project that needs locating